Mike Romig

Why do I do what I do?

I grew up in peaceful Switzerland. My British mother brought up 4 kids and started her own thriving Montessori school, and my US father worked for 32 years at the UN, developing and promoting energy efficiency in Europe. My education at the International School of Geneva, then SOAS in London, and then online for an MBA with the Open University, my travel throughout the world and living in Geneva, Cairo and now Berlin, brought me both a deep awareness of the immense privilege and opportunities I have, which most do not. It also made very clear the responsibility I have to change this: that everyone have the level of opportunity I have, without any discrimination.

It is from here that emerged my purpose, as I see it today: ensure that we all live out our full potential and together develop fully sustainable ways of living. I’ve been doing this through working in and with human rights and peace building organisations for the past decade, supporting their organisational development with trainings, strategy development, coaching, mentoring and workshops. I also embody this purpose through the way I live my life on an everyday basis.

I believe that every single human being is doing their very best, and that we are all capable of achieving anything we commit to achieving.

I believe every one of us knows exactly what we need to do to achieve our goals, and that if we all put our full energy and potential behind our individual dreams and purpose, this will combine into a global, evolutionary purpose, which will drive us to create a healthier and more sustainable future.

I believe that we can do better than we are doing today, that there are endless better ways to work, live and love together. I believe we need to create the space to imagine and create these better ways of living, to slow down and learn to listen. I am passionate about doing this.

I believe that the non-profit sector has largely lost its role as the source of hope and vision for creating a brighter future, instead becoming draining for those working in it, reactive rather than creative, short-termist and ineffective at addressing the global issues this world faces.

I am passionate about working with all the actors in the sector to reinvent it, to learn from and join with other sectors of society, to innovate and once again lead by example, to create a more hopeful and peaceful world.

I am passionate about working with people to break out of the old ways of doing things, which no longer serve them, and to work with them on consciously creating exciting, innovative new ways of acting, of overcoming the challenges they face and of bringing into existence the future.

I am passionate about us all sinking back into the ecosystem of this planet, realising how we are fully interdependent with the nature of which we are part. I believe we must develop a new understanding of what it means to be indigenous to planet earth, of how we might use our immense intellectual, technological, and spiritual knowledge to regenerate the planet rather than strip it.

I am passionate about learning from each person I work with and every project I work on, to improve my ways of working and living, and create sustainable, fun and effective ways of functioning together.

I am doing this because I have seen and continue to see so many people, including myself, worn to the bone trying to achieve great things and to bring positive change into the world in this sector. This causes me deep pain and frustration.

I am doing this because I am fed up with seeing the inequality, injustice and suffering in the world despite there being enough resources, knowledge and abilities for every human and animal to have a healthy, sustainable life. This causes me anger.

I am doing this because I have seen in the eyes of so many, the dreams and pure dedication, dogged determination in the face of impossible odds, the deep dignity despite awful conditions. This causes me to hope and be determined.

I am doing this because I fully believe that, if all this will power and dedication from all these people were not limited by the mind-sets of “this is how we do things”, or “this is what we are expected to do”, but was fully lived out in service of their dreams and their full potential, that each of us would connect to our common purpose, and create a harmonious world.

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