Pablo Escorcia

Who am I, what do I believe and what motivates me?

I´m a Berlin based entrepreneur, Biodanza teacher, Yogui, coach and consultant. My life has been a journey of searching for my own path by integrating the practical world of business and the integral world of yoga and dance. My goal in life is to lead processes of enhancing human consciousness from gratitude and love to help create a better world.

I have over 15 years’ experience as an organizational consultant, coach and trainer. I have worked designing, facilitating, consulting and implementing more than 200 different organizations reaching more than 4000 people. As a senior consultant I have worked with a wide range of clients that include private companies, public institutions, international NGOs and educational institutions. With extensive experience in the design and implementation of programs focused on strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation of humanitarian assistance, leadership, communication, teamwork and creativity, I have been able to support my clients’ organizational development from a holistic perspective.

I believe that the universe is organized following intrinsic, intuitive, organic principles. I believe every organization is created trying to replicate this universal organization. I´m passionate about discovering the underlying patterns that support organisations. Principles such as self- regulation, win-win relationships, balance and equilibrium that are present in the “natural organisations” can also be applied to the human created organisations. I´m passionate about finding ways to invite organisations to acknowledge this underlying order and develop organisations following it.

I believe the current financial/political system is oppressive because it’s based on artificial principles, such as individualism, win-lose relationships and resource exploitation. That´s why I believe this system doesn´t support the expression of our full potential. I believe most organisations are also not expressing their full potential. Both organisations and individuals, are trapped in a system which is made to self-perpetuate itself by using the vital energy of those. I´m passionate about breaking chains, inviting people to feel, to move and to create from the force that beats inside within themselves.

I believe that every human being and organization is connected to the big network of life and that deep down we are all one. I believe this intuition is expressed best in the term “common evolutionary purpose”. I´m passionate about discovering this hidden network of life and creating spaces in which people can also discover by themselves the hidden connections to life.

I believe we as a species, are waking up/becoming more conscious and that developments such as the “reinventing organisations”, “all quadrants-all levels” and others approaches, are evidence of this process. I´m passionate about supporting the wave of awareness raising by using these approaches and combining them with an embodied approach based on ancestral and intuitive wisdom.

I believe our time is a time for integration. The interconnectedness expressed both in technology and spiritual experiences are both real, complementary and necessary. They are meant to support each other to create the proper context for evolution into organizations based on intuitive and organic principles.  I´m passionate about connecting unconnected dots and making implicit connections explicit. I see my purpose as one of bringing more spirituality and mindfulness into the business world and structure and purpose into the alternative world.

I believe the NGO branch is working with outdated and restrictive principles that create limiting organizational structures and that narrow minded projects are being implemented just for the sake of it. I believe most of those organisations have good intentions and are competent, but because they are trapped in an old framework, their results are far away of what they hope for. Both staff members and end users are feeling every time more frustrated and losing the energy and idealism that put them in motion and brought them together. I´m passionate about learning from each person and organization, about supporting them to reconnect with their purpose, and find the connections their work has with their own purpose and the bigger and broader picture (common evolutionary purpose).

I believe in the need of a fearless approach into change and development. An approach that honors the principles of the universal organization by not making compromises and that speaks out loud about constructive solutions to move forward in our evolution. I´m passionate about making this come true and being part of such an approach.

Where can you find me?